Local Drug Dealer Warns of Price Rises and Job Cuts in The Event of a No Deal Brexit

brexit dd

A prominent Brighton drug dealer has today delivered a stark warning of the implications to his business, and it’s customers, should the UK leave the European Union without a deal on March 29th.

The dealer, who asked to remain anonymous, has been supplying Brightonian’s with their narcotic needs for the last 20 years but now says he is facing a fight for survival as uncertainty over the UK’s border with the EU continues to grow.

‘Its’ a really worrying time’ the 43 year old admitted. ‘You have all these politicians fighting like children but it is hard working small business owners like me who end up losing out’.

Since serving his apprenticeship in 1997, the Kemp Town based dealer has grown his operation to one that now employs six members of staff. ‘I have peoples livelihoods who depend on me which is the real worry. My suppliers are already saying they are struggling to get hold of stock from the continent. The other week Green Gary from Crawley couldn’t get hold of any of the devil’s lettuce and that is usually a piece off piss. If Green Gary cant get it nobody can, so ultimately we are going to see the price of that and wallop double as it gets harder to source. Some of my competitors are already selling disco biscuits for £30 a pop. I’m worried I’m going to have to let some of my team go, June in the office is already down to a 3 day week and she has kids to feed. At the end of the day its my loyal customers who are going to pay the price, not the bloody politicians that have got us in this mess, they need to get their fingers out and fast’.

A government official has said that whilst they are currently rehearsing a variety of trials in the event of a no deal it has ‘no current plans’ for a contingency plan for how to get gear into the country, although they did stress that it is an ‘ever evolving situation.

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