Hipster Couple Arrested After Two Month Old Baby Spotted With Full Sleeve Tattoo


A married couple from Brighton are currently in police custody after several members of the public reported seeing their young baby with a full sleeve tattoo and an ear lobe stretcher.

Sussex Police reacted swiftly after they received several different complaints from horrified passers by who noticed the child and his parents in a London Road coffee shop.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, ‘We received a number of calls from the general public yesterday concerning the welfare of a young child. On arrival at the scene officers we were shocked to find a two month old baby with several tattoos on one arm and a large saggy ear lobe. To our horror the baby was also being fed a skinny latte and sharing puffs on his father’s electronic cigarette. Officers acted quickly to arrest the couple and the child is currently in the care of family members.’

The grandmother of the arrested woman had reportedly told friends that her daughter was ‘hell bent’ on raising Brighton’s youngest hipster. The child was reportedly already a vegan and was regularly pushed around town on a knackered old racer bike.

Brighton & Hove is one of the most heavily tattooed places in the UK with only 46 people left in the city without some form of body art. Police are currently trying to establish where the tattoo was carried out. A spokesman for Brighton Independent Group for Tattooists (BIGTATS) denounced the actions of the parlour saying, ’we fully condemn the actions of the parents and those who carried out the art work. Tattooing babies is not the one’.

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