A Right Royal Rumble: Exclusive – Harry and Meghan spotted having ‘Almighty Bust Up’ outside Brighton takeaway


•  First Sussex visit marred by angry scenes outside RFC in Brighton

•  Furious Markle held back by pals

•  Police called to diffuse scuffle


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first visit to county that features in their title yesterday, but an incident late into last night has seemingly soured the day’s festivities. Stunned onlookers watched on in horror as Harry and Meghan were separated by pals following a blazing row outside a city centre chicken joint last night.

Following a busy day of waving at folk holding little plastic union jacks, the newlyweds opted to stay in Brighton for an impromptu night out. The posh pair began their night by heading to The St James pub in Kemp Town, after enjoying a couple of Rum and Ting’s the pair decided to move on and that is where the trouble began.

An unnamed source close to the couple spoke exclusively to The Brighton Bulletin, ‘All was fine until Harry starting moaning that he was skint. He wanted to go to Pav Tav as it does cheap pints, but Meghan was not so keen. Harry then started moaning about how it was a week before pay day and that they might as well just go home. It was nothing serious, but you could see Harry was a getting a bit annoyed, especially as he was in a five man round and expected to get Meghan’s round as well’.

In the end the Royals compromised on a trip to Revenge, tempted in by the £1 WKD’s. Despite the compromise the tension was still clear with Meghan walking 6ft behind Harry and every time the Prince asked his wife if she was OK a reply of ‘I’m fine, stop asking’ came back.

After visiting revenge, the Harry and Meghan decided to stop at RFC a bite to eat before heading to the train station to catch the ‘vomit comet’ back to London. Harry and a male pal waited outside because he wasn’t hungry whilst Markle waited on an order of a fillet Burger and cheesy chips, at this point Meghan stormed out of shop with bystanders claiming to hear her shout ‘Oh, I see how it is! You have enough money to buy a bag of pissing devils dandruff to shove up your hooter but you were making me drink singles all night! You’re a selfish prick, just piss off!’

Amanda Hitcham, a fellow RFC patron, witnessed the event, ‘the whole thing was just mad’ she said. ‘At first I was star struck but that soon faded when all hell broke loose. Meghan was going mad trying to hit Harry. She was shouting all sorts at him, she looked like a woman possessed, claiming she was going to bite his todger off and all sorts! In the end the police came and calmed it all down, but it was absolutely crazy’.

Sussex police confirmed they responded to an incident at the bottom of North Street but gave no further details. It is thought the couple travelled back to London in separate train carriages and there are further unconfirmed reports of an almighty ‘make up bonk’ this morning.



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