Woman Splits With Boyfriend of 8 years After His Name Appears on Facebook List of Men Most Likely to Cheat

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A Brighton woman has split with her long term partner after the slimey b*rstad’s name appeared on a list of men most likely to cheat in 2017.

Julie Penfold, 28, had been dating Kevin Dray since they met at Brighton University in 2009.  The couple, who live together on Elm Grove, are only recently engaged and had started to make plans for their wedding in 2018. This was until Tuesday night when Julie was browsing Facebook, Among the racist posts from her old school friends, her mate Karen shared a list of names of men most likely to cheat in 2017.  On closer inspection Julie noticed that amid the list of random names that could have knocked up by a two year old, was Kevin.

‘There it was’ she said. ‘Above Sam and below Brad, I couldn’t believe it, my heart sank. I always thought my Kev was different but to find out he is going to cheat on me and on Facebook of all places it is just devastating. I have had my heart broken before and I am not willing to take the risk again so I kicked him out.

 Since he has been given the boot Kevin has been staying at his friend Tony’s house.

 ‘The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous’ he said. ‘I haven’t done anything wrong but I end up getting kicked to the kerb because of some stupid list on Facebook. What the hell is that all about?! Julie’s problem is she believes everything she reads on that stupid site. When all that Brexit sh*t was going on she turned into a right racist and then there was the time she saw her name on a list of those ‘most likely to get pregnant’ she made me decorate a the spare into a pissing nursery for a child that didn’t bloody exist. The whole thing is a mess!’

Sources close Kevin claim that him and his pal Tony are currently knocking up a list of ‘Women most likely to let their ex partner back into their houses’ which should be ready for circulation by early next week.

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