BREAKING: Unconfirmed Reports Ten Year Old Has Gone ‘All The Way Around’ On Hove Park Swing


Within the last hour The Bulletin has received, as yet unconfirmed reports, that a ten year old girl has successfully gone over the top and all the way round on a swing in Hove Park.

Members of the public got in touch after they witnessed the event which is thought to have taken place at around 6:45pm this evening. Since then the hashtag ‘#F**ckingMentalMateJustSeenAGirlGoAllTheWayRound’ has been trending on twitter nationwide. One witness was 26 year old James Rose who was making his way through the park after work,’ I was walking through the park minding my own business hitting all the Poke Stops as you do.  I noticed a large crowd of people gathered near the play area so I went over for a butchers, there must have been at least 30 people in a circle around the swing all whooping and a hollering at this one girl on it. There were these four big lads who looked liked builders pushing her. She was going really high and then after about ten minutes she did it, she went all the way over. The place went mental, I saw people hugging each other and crying I must admit I did get a bit caught up in it all. It was amazing’ he said.

It is believed the girl was then taken home by her Dad, who is thought to be one of the builders aiding her attempt, but no one managed to get either of their names as they sloped off amid the commotion. If the reports can be verified by at least five credible witnesses she will be the first person to officially achieve the feat in the UK since Wendy Walsh hit the headlines at the tender age of nine back in 1977. Unfortunately the success and subsequent fame that went with it was to be Wendy’s downfall as she succumbed to the trappings of the celebrity lifestyle and died of a heroin overdose in 1995.

More on this ever evolving breaking news story as we get it.

Are you the girl who went ‘all the way over’, were you one of the builders that helped or a witness to the event? If so please contact The Brighton Bulletin.

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