Old School Friend One More Nonsensical Racist Meme Away from Full Social Media Removal

Meme 2

A tense situation is currently underway in Brighton tonight after an ‘old friend from home’ continued his 12 week streak of posting inaccurate, sexist, racist, homophonic or just down right moronic memes on social media.

Despite trying his hardest to ignore the drivel, Martin Hicks is now finally thinking of cutting ties with Robbie Blaney, despite the racist old prick being one his oldest pals.

‘I really like Rob, we go way back’ explained Martin, ‘But F*ck me he doesn’t half post some shite on social media. I always know it’s Rob as he has two Union Jacks either side of his name on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t even have to look at the posts as I know it will be a load of made up rubbish about Brexit or something. I mean I wouldn’t mind so much if they had an element of truth to them but they look they have been made and researched by a four year old.’

‘I have known him for years’ Martin continued. ‘I don’t want to upset him as he is actually a nice bloke really, I Just don’t think I can hack it any more. The dopey git has just discovered Instagram so now there is nowhere left to hide, he is on his last chance, one more stupid meme and he is a gonna.’

The Brighton Bulletin attempted to reach Rob for comment, he declined an interview but instead chose to email us a picture of the flag of Saint George with the caption: ‘Are Four Fathers Didn’t Fight For Us To Be Forced Into Romanian Islamic Rule. By 2021 The UK will 89% Romanian FACT. England Love it or LEAVE IT.’

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