Brighton Man Celebrates Seven Consecutive Years of Sacking Off Dry January Early


A Brighton man raised a toast to himself today, as he enjoyed his seventh year of giving up on dry January with over half the month still to go.

Jamie Duffy, 32, was only 2 days short of his personal best of January 14th, which he achieved back in 2013. He was however laid up for a week with the ‘two bob bits’ four years ago, so technically he believes this years 12 days of sobriety was his all time record and he duly decided to celebrate the occasion by getting absolutely off his swede.

After 12 days of incredible endurance Mr Duffy finally succumbed, enjoying 12 pints, two G&T’s, four Jagerbombs and a Sambuca, in what he described as a ‘momentary lapse’. ‘I’d done so well up until then’, he said. ‘Since the new year I have only had two pints but I had a top on both of them so technically they were shandies. I went to meet some mates to celebrate how well I’d done, I’d heard how a lot of Pubs are closing so I thought we would support local business and head down to Wetherspoons. I felt like a right tit drinking J20’s though so I thought feck it there’s always next year and I got on the beer. To be honest I haven’t looked back since, I have been out celebrating my achievement for the last three days’ he smiled.

Jamie has vowed he will be back next year stronger and has promised to finally reach that ever elusive third week. ‘Yea course I’ll do it next year, piece of piss mate, just didn’t fancy it this year’, he explained.

Stats released today show there are just nine people left doing dry January in Brighton & Hove, with the other 9567 who started, having now come to their senses.


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