Exclusive: Prince Harry All Set For West Street Stag Do


The Brighton Bulletin can exclusively reveal that HRH Prince Harry has begun to make plans for a Brighton based stag do.

Bulletin staff gained exclusive access to the Royal’s stag do ‘WhatsApp’ group. Whilst suggestions of Prague and Barcelona were muted, the group of 10 eventually settled for Brighton and more specifically West Street, citing the area’s ‘great cultural offering’ and its ‘luxurious surroundings’.

The group will stay at the Premier Inn before boarding the bantz bus to Vodka Rev’s for a couple of liveners, they have booked a table at Yates where they will get some grub and spend a couple of hours singing football songs and calling each other ‘Legends’. The meticulous planning by Harry’s Best Man and brother William does not stop there as he has booked a booth at Prizym and has already arranged the collection of 15 grams of Columbia’s finest. The marching powder should see the lads through until 3am when they head off to Platinum Lace for a quick dance before heading back to the hotel.

Other planned activities include…

Kicking off with a group of locals

Having a slash up against a bin

Ordering a bucket of chicken from RFC and puking it back up 20 minutes later

We understand that Buddies Cafe have been told to rope off 10 seats as the posh pals look to cure their stinking hangovers the next day.

Will has now started the process of collecting the money from those on the whatsapp chat with the group £60 short of the hotel deposit. Two of the members have asked for an extension until the payday after Christmas and another group member is just blatantly ignoring the requests for money. The Duke of Cambridge eventually lost his rag typing, ‘Look if you can’t pay or don’t want to come just leave the f*cking group would ya’. Before later apologising for outburst ‘sorry about that lads, I know money is tight with Xmas and that but all this organising is stressing me out lol’.

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