Smug Woman Who Has Finished All Her Christmas Shopping Manages to go 45 Minutes Without Mentioning it


A Brighton woman who completed all her Christmas shopping in August has shocked friends, family and co-workers by going a WHOLE 45 minutes without bringing it up in conversation.

Sue Roberts, 34 of Findon Road, has been dubbed ‘Smug Sue’ by her pals after telling any poor sod that will listen, that she did all her Christmas shopping months back. Ms Roberts has managed to shoehorn ‘So are you all ready for Crimbo?’ into every conversation since early October.

However in a dramatic turn of events the office worker became stuck in a Facebook video wormhole at around midday on Tuesday. After initially watching a cute dog video for two minutes, before she knew it she was watching Russian car crashes and 40 minutes had passed, meaning she had missed her 1pm slot to tell everyone she has completed her Christmas shopping.

Despite the lapse, the relief for Sue’s acquaintances was short lived as she has now redoubled her efforts to let every man and his dog know how super organised she is. Sue now plans to get all the gifts wrapped this week so she can start spouting off about that as well.

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