Woman Spends Bonfire Night Taking Videos of Fireworks That She Has Absolutely no Intention of Watching Again


A Portslade woman spent the majority of her Sunday evening taking captivating video’s of fireworks that are set to sit on her phone unwatched for at least the next 12 months.

Julie Hambling, 38, has a total of 15 minutes worth of jaw dropping footage after attending her friend David’s bonfire party. She has already shared the enthralling footage to Facebook where viewers were treated to a marvellous display that was in no way similar to the other 200 hundred firework video’s that had also been posted.
The footage, which has now already been forgotten about, sits on her phone along with the video’s of nights out that are just pitch black with loud music and a video she accidently took instead of a photo. In keeping with tradition, Julie is set to delete the footage on November 4th 2018 to make way for next year’s awe-inspiring firework vids.

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