Hove Mum Brutally Beaten by ‘Friends’ After Admitting She Doesn’t Actually Like Gin That Much


A woman from Hove has been left with severe injuries after having the audacity to admit she doesn’t actually like the taste of the G&T’s she has been sinking with her pals for the last year.

Charlene Jacobs of Fourth Avenue, had regulary been knocking back up to ten G&T’s a week before she finally confessed that she ‘couldn’t force the shite down anymore’. Things came to a head outside the Blind Busker on Wednesday evening. Miss Jacobs was enjoying an evening out with four friends when they all went to the bar to order their third round of G&T’s before the mood quickly turned sour.

Charlene picks up the story, ‘So the girls went to the bar to get another drink but I thought it was time to be honest, I told them I didn’t really like gin and I wasn’t a massive fan of tonic either. I have never liked it but just drank it as everyone else did. I told them I would prefer a vodka cranberry. Bad move. Before I knew it I was surrounded by them, I made the mistake of saying that I didn’t think they really liked it either and that they just drunk it to look all sophisticated, and that is when all hell broke loose!’.

Following the confrontation Charlene was savagely attacked by her ‘friends’. She was punched, kicked and spat on. Charlene fell to the floor and instead of relenting the group restrained her whilst one of them eye gouged and the other performed a fish hook manoeuvre on her mouth. Astonished passers by called the police but the group made off and are currently on the run. Charlene spent two days in hospital and although she has now been discharged she has visible bruising around the facial area.
The horrific attack came in the wake of new independent findings that revealed only 15% of gin drinkers actually like the stuff and the rest of those that consume the spirit do so because they like to look double hip when ordering at the bar.
A new charity ‘Gin Isn’t that Special (G.I.T.S)’ has been set up to help those peer pressured into drinking Gin. They have urged people not to suffer in silence and to get in touch for help.

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