Turmoil as Two Hour WhatsApp Down Time Means Couples Are Forced To Engage in Conversation


A two hour outage in the WhatsApp server yesterday evening meant thousands of people in Brighton and Hove were forced into the ordeal of having to make excruciating small talk with their significant others, some for as long as three hours!

The problem arose at about 9pm on Wednesday evening with users being unable to connect to the popular social media app. WhatsApp is commonly used by groups of friends to communicate and is extremely helpful in providing a distraction from listening to the ‘other half’s’ constant drivel.

For many users it had been so long since they have had to have a conversation with their partners there was an initial period of prolonged silence. One such WhatsApp enthusiast was Brian from Hove, who struggled to cope with the whole ordeal, ‘I couldn’t believe it’ he said. ‘It was a bit of a shock at first, I tried restarting my phone but nothing happened, it was at this point I came to the realisation I was going to have to bite the bullet and speak to the Mrs. It was awkward as, she asked me about some TV shows and moaned about her job I just nodded and smiled. I’m not used to talking to her really it just didn’t feel right and in the end we both gave up and went to bed, thank the good Lord Jesus it was fixed this morning as I don’t think I could have handled another night of real communication’ he said.

WhatsApp’s servers are now back up and running and anyone who has been adversely affected by having to speak to their spouse is advised to seek urgent relationship counselling.

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