SPRING HEATWAVE: Locals Make Use of Victorian Law Making it Socially Acceptable to Get Off Your Swede Down the Seafront at 11am as Long as The Sun is Shining

Some early Spring sunshine has seen hoards of Brightonians take advantage of an old law which states it is completely acceptable to get sloshed in Brighton’s public spaces at whatever time their heart desires.

The law, which dates back to the time of Queen Victoria, means that individuals do not have to feel guilty about getting on the sauce at 11am as long as the sun is out. Hundreds of people took advantage of the age old ruling this weekend with many heading to their nearest Tesco Extra to pick up the standard Brighton seafront drinking kit. Stores reported huge increases in the sales of Mediterranean pasta salads, own brand tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole dips as well as drinks such as fruity ciders and oversized bottles of San Miguel.

The three public spaces which saw the most activity were Hove Lawns, The Beach and The level. Hove saw a more discerning crowd with local mothers erecting gazebo’s in attempts to pass off their sloshfests as children’s birthday parties. The seafront also accommodated their fair share of revellers, a few of those who managed to last the pace deciding to use the evening watching Richmond sausages take three hours to cook on a disposable barbecue. The Bulletin also sent a reporter to The Level but as he approached he was overcome by a strong smell and a green haze, he began to feel dizzy so took the rest off the day off sick.

One stipulation of the law is that it only applies to residents of Brighton and Hove meaning that anyone who suspects of someone enjoying themselves who is not ‘local’ should immediately tut and say ‘f*cking Londeners’ before calling 101 to report them.

With temperatures set to drop off this weekend the police have advised locals to make the most of conditions whilst they can.

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