Brighton Celebs Currently Heading to Disused WW2 Bunker to Ride Out The Rest of 2016


Brighton’s celebrity population are currently making their way to a former WW2 bunker in Wadhurst in order to give themselves the best chance of making it through the rest of 2016 without one of them kicking the bucket.

Celebrities including Steve Coogan, The Eubanks and Norman Cook attended an emergency meeting at The Amex last night. The meeting was chaired by the head of the Brighton Celebrity Union Frankie Cocozza and a unanimous decision was taken to go into hiding in light of recent events.With this weeks passing of George Michael and Rick Parfitt in the last week the celebrities have decided it wasn’t worth taking the risk.

One of the famous faces on his way to the bunker is the guy who makes dogs out of sand on the seafront who was extremely worried, ‘I’m bricking it mate. 2016 has taken Prince, Muhammad Ali, Bowie and loads of other celebs you just don’t know who is next and I’m taking no chances. It is the right thing to do, I’m not ready to die yet’ he said.

The Celebrities have enough food and drink with them to last well into February 2017 although most are thought to be planning on leaving the bunker on New Year’s Day in the belief that 2017 will see an end to the worrying trend of celebs popping their clogs.

If you are a worried Celeb or you know one, the Brighton Celebrity Union has set up a helpline for all those concerned with Pete from Big Brother currently maning the phones. You can find the number on their website.


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