Outrage as Korean Restaurant Set to Put in Massive Bids For ALL of Brighton’s 22 Snow Dogs


A London based Korean Restaurant has sparked fury amongst Brighton’s Snow Dog enthusiasts after putting in huge bids for every one of the mutts with strong rumours that they are planning on including the animals on their festive menu.

The pooches, which were removed from their positions around Brighton this week, are set to be auctioned off on the 6th December in order to raise money for The Martlets Hospice. Sources close to the council claim that the Korean eatery is planning on submitting substantial bids for the dogs with rumours that the size of the dogs will enable them to keep Korean diners well fed over the busy Christmas period by offering a selection of festive Snow Dog based meals.

An undercover reporter from The Bulletin visited the Restaurant called Phu Kin Tas Te over the weekend and reported various canine based options on the menu including –

Special Fried Dog

Dog chips and beans

Shredded Crispy Chilli Dog

Rice Pudding Served with a dollop of Dog

It is thought the restaurant is set to put in unassailable five figure bids for each of the dogs in order to secure them. Tracey Given from London Road was set to chip in with her friends in order to try and secure a dog but has now given up amid today’s revelations, ‘We were going to try and buy one but there is no way I can beat what they are offering. It’s crazy. Why would want to eat a dog anyway? I’m all for trying new things but F*ck eating a dog. That’s mental.’ In a statement Brighton Council confirmed that they had ‘No power over who purchased the Snow Dogs or what they did with them once in their possession’.

We approached the owner Phu Kin Tas Te, a Mr Ji Hung Lark whose only comment was ‘Don’t know what you’re on about mate’.

If you want to save the Snow dogs from the Christmas menu you can look to out bid the Korean’s here:

You Can Bid On Snowdogs Online!

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