Brighton Couple Looking Forward to Standing Around Freezing Their Knackers Off Wondering What The F**K is Going as They Make Their Annual Lewes Bonfire Trip


Despite the train strikes nothing will stop Tom and Emma Cole from nearly getting crushed to death, having to piss in back alleys and paying six quid for a hot dog an opportunist resident has knocked up on a BBQ in his front garden.

The Brighton couple will be taking a bus to the event that they have been going to for the last five years running, ‘we wouldn’t miss it for the world’ Emma said. ‘It’s becoming a tradition now. It’s a shame about the trains this year as we usually like to have a good old moan about how busy they are on the way up. Hopefully the buses will be packed this year so we can have a moan about them. When we get there we always realise we haven’t put enough layers on and end up freezing our tits off, we then spend a couple of hours pushing through the crowd to get a good spot for the parade, after that we just stand around getting cold wondering what the shitting hell is going on. When it is over one of Tom’s favorite bits is the mad rush to get home in time to tell our friends we are never going again, the whole thing is just brilliant!’ she smiled.

Numbers are expected to be down at this years event due to the transport problems but thousands are still thought to be going up and enjoying the tradition of moaning about it afterwards on Facebook and then doing it all again the following year.

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