Local Man Looks Forward to at Least Another Year of Posting Inaccurate Brexit Memes After Probable Article 50 Delay


Most Brexiters were left dejected today following the High Court decision to invoke a parliamentary debate and subsequent vote on triggering article 50, however Dave Whealan of Shoreham by Sea was delighted as it meant he would have at least another 12 months of peddling blatantly made up immigration memes across his Facebook.

Mr Whealan, has been posting b*ll*cks on Facebook ever since the referendum was announced and  he has no plans of slowing down as the whole Brexit saga looks to drag on yet further. He has posted over 385 different memes in his time most commonly consisting of an emotive picture and some made up statistics underneath although occasionally he posts ones with the made up ‘fact’ at the top rather than underneath the picture.

The 35 year old described how he has become quite the local celebrity as a result of his online activity ‘ Yea it’s f**king sweet as mate, I don’t really know what is going on with all the parliament shite but I know it keeps Brexit in the news so I can keep putting up my memes. People love it, and it’s a piece of piss, all I have to do is stick a picture up on my facebook and they lap it up. I have had randomers coming up to me shaking my hand, one old bird said I should go for prime minister! It’s nuts. Some bloke did shout at me once saying that the memes were made up but I think he was just jealous. Anyway how can they be made up there is a picture, numbers and writing, of course they are true’.

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