Shock as Brighton Student Plans to go out This Weekend NOT dressed as Harley Quinn


Shockwaves were sent around the city this morning as a Holly Wilson a student at Brighton University declared she would not be going out this Halloween weekend dressed as Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie.

The Bulletin was notified of the unfolding drama by Lucy Nelson, a friend of Holly’s, who has circulated the story around the local and national media in a last gasp attempt to change her class mates mind. ‘It is madness, there are six girls in our shared house and five of us are all going out dressed as Harley Quinn, I don’t know why she has to be difficult’ Lucy Said. ‘Every year we try and put a spin on our outfits so rather than being genuinely scary or funny we can just look good and Harley Quinn is perfect, it is Halloweeny and a bit slaggy so it’s a win win’ Lucy explained.
Experts estimate that up to 95% of Brighton’s female population out for Halloween celebrations will be dressing as Harley Quinn, who was played by Margot Robbie in the film released earlier this year. Holly has opted instead to stick to her tried and tested ‘get up’ of a sexy gothic cheerleader. Miss Wilson said ‘I thought about Harley Quinn but I have been dressing up as a sexy cheerleader for the last five years and I have always had a good reaction so I’m going to stick with it. I know I have shocked and upset a few people, I have even lost old friends, but my mind is made up and I’m not budging’.

Police are urging people to stay safe this Halloween weekend and are encouraging boyfriends of those dressing up Harley Quinn to write their names on tags and hang them round their partners necks to avoid the confusion expected from 50% of the city all looking the same.

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