Brighton Woman Marries Man She Picked up For Free From The Hanover Community Notice Board


Brighton couple, Susie and Colin Barter, were wed at the weekend only 9 months after Susie answered an advert on the ‘Hanover Community Notice Board’ Facebook group.

Colin had been advertised as ‘free to collector’ on the group by his ex wife Michelle. The two had been divorced for 6 months but were still cohabiting after failing to find alternative accommodation. However, as Colin explains, the situation soon became unworkable, ‘ we were constantly rowing, it was a nightmare. This one time I left an empty bog roll  in the loo and Shell went ape shit, she threatened all sorts but after she calmed down we decided to give the notice board a go. Shell was always selling and giving away all sorts of shite on there. Once she found my mucky magazine collection from the nineties and she stuck it straight on there, within 10 minutes some dirty bugger had already come and collected the whole lot from out front, we thought it had to be worth a try’ he said.

Colin was advertised on the board and stood outside his Hanover home along with a giant bean bag, a micro scooter, A copy of Now 63 and a Holby City box set. ‘It was a bit chilly but I waited it out. The CD went in the first 10 minutes and then the bean bag not long after, about an hour in the Scooter was taken and then it was just me and the DVD’s’ he explained. Luckily Susie, a keen up-cycler, had spotted the ad on Facebook and was making her way down to pick up a bargain. Susie said, ‘as soon as the picture of him sitting on the bean bag outside the house popped up on my Facebook I knew I had to get down there. I needed a new project because I had just finished turning an old pallet into a three piece suite and Colin looked perfect. He was a bit rough round the edges but nothing I couldn’t fix so I walked him back home with me and the rest is history’.

The couple were married on Saturday in front of friends and family at Brighton Town Hall. The pair are now keen to start a family so are keeping a close eye on the notice board for any children that are going spare.

2 thoughts on “Brighton Woman Marries Man She Picked up For Free From The Hanover Community Notice Board

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