Volk’s Railway Passenger Numbers Up 3000% Since Southern Rail Crisis


With cancellations, delays and ongoing strike action continuing to haunt Southern one of the regions other rail providers, The Volks Electric Railway, has seen passenger numbers hit an all time record as commuters seek an alternative to this summer’s rail misery.

The Volks Railway, which runs from the Palace Pier to Black Rock, released the figures today showing business has boomed ever since the trouble with Southern began. The service has now finished for the year which has meant passengers have had to begrudgingly go back to their regular services.

Most of the passengers have used the electric train instead of Southern’s service from Brighton to Eastbourne.  One such traveler is Ian Marshall who, fed up with the constant delays and cancellations on his Southern service, switched to The Volks Railway in June. Ian said ‘It’s so much better. I was fed up at always being late for work so I thought I would give it a try and its absolutely marvelous. I live on Lewes Road so one evening I parked my car at The Marina and the next morning instead of walking to the station I headed down to the pier and caught the Volks Railway. Once the trip was done I just hopped off at Black Rock, walked to the car and did the rest of the journey behind the wheel. It’s great I could do a bit of work on my laptop, tickets were cheap and it always ran on time. It was so much better than the terrible service I have to put up with Southern. It could sometimes get a bit damp if it was raining but at least I got a seat.’

Taxi Drivers were said to be doing a roaring trade as many had cottoned on to the increase in numbers and there was regularly a queue of around 20 cabs waiting to take people on their onward journeys. Since the troubles on the tracks The Bulletin has been contacted by various people who have now found ways to avoid the trains. One man now uses his Jetski to get from Seaford to Hastings whilst we have also had reports of one woman riding her horse from Brighton to London Bridge and back every day.

Although figures are yet to be released it is believed the Dotto Train on Eastbourne seafront and the Hasting Miniature Railway have also benefited significantly from passengers deserting Southern.


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