Brighton Launches UK’s First ‘Selfie Only’ Gym Stocked With Nothing But Fake Equipment and Mirrors


A local business man has today announced plans to open Great Britain’s first Selfie Gym in the heart of Brighton and Hove.

The gym which will be stocked with fake treadmills, dummy weights and 35 full length mirrors is set to open in early November at the site of the former nightclub Ocean Rooms. Punters keen on showing the world and sundry that they are at the gym without having to put in the work will be charged £20 a month plus a £25 joining on fee for the pleasure.

The new venture is the brainchild of local business man Joe Webber, who had his ‘light bulb moment whilst working out at his local gym: ‘I was down the gym and I was trying to take a picture in the mirror for Insta. The problem was people doing actual exercise kept getting in my way and walking through the shot, it was then I thought why don’t I just get rid of the folk working out so people can spend their time doing the things they actual go to the gym for, to take photos of themselves’ he revealed.

Interest in the gym is already thought to be high with 100 people already signed up including Matt Milner from Hove who said ‘ I can’t wait to get my snapback on backwards, chuck on my wife beater that barely covers my nips, squeeze into my uber tight Ellesse shorts and slip on my Nike Air Max. It will be so good to be able to get all the pictures I want without actually having to do any graft. Amy Marshall who regularly uses ‘The Gym’ on Madeira Drive is also excited about the opening: ‘I cant wait! I usually put a full face of make up on especially for the gym but with all the people around me exercising it gets really hot and sweaty and my make up starts to run, ruining all my pics. With no one working out at this new place I can just get on with taking my gym pics without having to worry’ she said.

Keep an eye on The Bulletin for The Selfie Gym’s official open date with rumours that Hollywood A-Lister Charlotte Crosby is set pose at the opening ceremony.


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