A Couple from Hove have been treated at the Royal Sussex County Hospital after not eating for 36 hours and walking the equivalent of Brighton to Bexhill whilst trying to agree on a restaurant.

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Poppy Saunders, 26 and her partner of four years Gavin Walker, 28, left their Sackville Road home at 6pm on Friday night in the hope of grabbing a bite to eat at one of the cities many eateries but it didn’t go to plan as the couple were found by passers-by collapsed in a Preston St doorway on Sunday morning.

The indecisive duo had originally decided on Jamie’s Italian before 20 metres from the door Poppy, who remains in hospital under supervision, decided she didn’t really fancy pasta. Jamie who was released yesterday picks up the story; ‘After Jamie’s we thought we would try Fishy Fishy but the bugger has been shut down! We then thought we would head to Meat Liquor so we walked down there but Poppy though it ‘looked a bit dark for her’. By this point I was starving and I needed a good feed up so we took a bus to The Marina and to Jimmy’s Buffett but that was also shut. At one point we were very close to getting an Indian but Poppy remembered an onion baji gave her the two bob bits six years back and didn’t want to risk it. I think that was the closest we got, I thought we had cracked it with the curry but it wasn’t to be’.

‘By now it was pushing 2am so we went back to Hove to grab a GFC but then I remembered I read something dodge about it in The Argus a few years back we decided it wasn’t for us. We argued for a couple of hours and by then the sun was coming up so we thought we would grab some breakfast at Buddies but they were out of black pudding so that was a definite no’.

During the course of the Saturday the couple got close to over 20 restaurants but not one they could both agree on. It is thought that when they were found at 6am on Sunday they were trying to ‘wait it out’ until The Sovereign opened for roasts.

As a gesture of good will many of the restaurants the two nearly went in have offered the couple a free meal however Poppy and Jason are yet to decide on which offer to take up.



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